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This article contains resolution to Seamless Applications launch in a Fixed Window.

Symptoms or Error

Application sets are configured to launch applications seamlessly. A fixed window appears when launching the application. Other advantages of seamless technology may also fail (session sharing for example). Additionally, all custom connections may default to a lower than the desired resolution and/or color depth.


To resolve the issue, use the following suggestions:
  • Investigate the PATH variable: Move Citrix specific information to the beginning of the PATH variable.

  • Ensure the entry DLLName exists in HKLM\SW\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\MetaFrame and the value is ctxnotif.dll. Ensure that users have access to this key. Ensure that the file exists and users have access to the file.

  • Ensure that the correct version of sehook.dll is being used. For example, the MetaFrame 1.8 version still may exist in the Windows\system32 directory, but MetaFrame FR3 installs a new version in the \Program Files\Citrix\System32. As per the order of the Operating System, the one in the Windows\system32 directory would get loaded first. Use Filemon from www.sysinternals.com and rename the file if needed.

  • Ensure the following permissions set correctly in the registry:

    HKLM\SW\Citrix\Install\{C05CE041-63DB-4467-B777-9FCB30013CA2} Group - Everyone - Read Access. Use Regmon from www.sysinternals.com to investigate further.

  • Attempt to recreate the listener.
    Various reasons may cause the “maximum memory to use for each session’s graphics” to be too low to be configured for the server and/or farm (set as low as 150K allows only a 640x480 screen at 16 colors).

For MetaFrame XP

This is set in ICA Settings for the farm or server in the Citrix Management Console and is set to the default of 5625KB.

Note: This is the default setting for MetaFrame XP.

User-added image

For MetaFrame 1.8

TWCONFIG /Q shows the current server configuration.

Note: This command also works for MetaFrame XP; set the graphic settings in the Citrix Management Console.

Additional Resources

CTX124213 – Case Study: Seamless Sessions Not Working after Installing Feature Pack 2

This information is located in each server’s registry at:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server \Wds\icawd\thin16

CTX126869 – Seamless Applications Start Slowly and Launch in a Fixed Size Window


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