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Customer Service


This Knowledge Base article outlines how to create a My Account, Account ID / Org ID.


  1. Go to the www.citrix.com/account
  2. Select New Customer Account
  3. Proceed to the applicable section

Company Record Search

Prior to creating a new account ID it should be determined whether existing company records exist.

1. Go to www.citrix.com/account

2. Select ‘New Customer Account’

3. Select ‘Find Your company Account’

4. Search for company name by entering information into any of the following fields:

    • User Name
    • E-mail Address
    • Sales Contract Number and Contact Administrator Last Name
    • Serial Number Note: Machine Code should only be entered for legacy XP license.

5. If company record exists, contact list will display

    • If your name is listed, select the radio button next to your name and your login information will be e-mailed to your e-mail address on record.
    • If your name is not listed, select the ‘Add a New Contact’ and follow the screen prompts to add a new contact.
    • If company record does not exist, select ‘Create New User Account.’

Create a New User Account ID / Org ID

Once it has been determined an existing company record does not exist proceed to create a new account ID.

  1. Go to www.citrix.com/account
  2. Select ‘New Customer Account’
  3. Complete profile information and select ‘Continue’
  4. Follow the online screen prompts to complete the creation of the new account.
  5. Important Note: It is very important that complete information is entered when creating a new account including a valid address and phone number to avoid possible Trade Embargo related login errors. If a Trade Embargo error is received upon first login it is recommended to wait 6 hours and attempt login again.

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Still Need Assistance?

Please contact the Citrix Customer Service department in your region. For contact information click here or reference citrix.com > Support > Customer Service > Contact Us > Contact Customer Service.