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This article lists symptoms that occur if your antivirus software is affecting the operation and/or performance of the EdgeSight agent and provides methods ...

Symptoms or Error

This article lists symptoms that occur if your antivirus software is affecting the operation and/or performance of the EdgeSight agent and provides methods to prevent antivirus software from interfering with the agent.

If antivirus software is not configured properly, the performance of the device (desktop, laptop, Citrix Presentation Server) might be affected. Following is a list of symptoms that might indicate the antivirus software is interfering with the normal operation of the EdgeSight agent, and consecutively affecting the end user’s performance and/or productivity.

  • The device seems sluggish or generally slower than normal after installing the EdgeSight agent or upgrading your antivirus configuration.

  • Prolonged high CPU utilization or a significant increase in the Thread Queue Length associated with the following EdgeSight agent processes:



  • Prolonged high CPU utilization or a significant increase in the Thread Queue Length associated with any of the antivirus software processes.

  • A significant change in the Disk I/O Performance. For example, if the % Disk Write time or Disk Write Queue Length increase significantly.

  • A real-time troubleshooter (from any Internet Explorer Web console) to the device deteriorates (slows down) then stops the Internet Explorer.

Regardless of whether you are currently experiencing any of these symptoms, follow the steps outlined in the Resolution section. Ideally, execute this procedure?? before any EdgeSight agents are deployed.


Complete the following procedure to configure your antivirus software (TrendMicro, Symantec, Norton, McAfee and so on.) to NOT scan the EdgeSight data folder or processes. This should be done on all of the devices that are or will be running the EdgeSight agent. You might need to contact your security administration team to put these exceptions in place enterprise wide.

Note: Citrix recommends that you follow this procedure before the deployment of any EdgeSight agents.

Exclude the following agent folders from being scanned. Check a few agent devices to confirm the exact folder locations in your environment. These folders contain the EdgeSight agent database file and many log files. Following is the default installation location:

<AllUserProfile>\Application Data\Citrix\System Monitoring\Data

Exclude the following EdgeSight agent executables (processes) from being scanned. Listed below are the default installation locations:

<ProgramFiles>\Citrix\System Monitoring\Agent\Core\rscorsvc.exe

<ProgramFiles>\Citrix\System Monitoring\Agent\Core\Firebird\bin\fbserver.exe:

Problem Cause

The EdgeSight agent is continuously monitoring every process that is running on the monitored device. In turn, it is continuously writing performance data to its local Firebird SQL database. The problem is that most antivirus products are configured to scan all files on disk. If an antivirus program scans the continuously active EdgeSight database it impedes the normal operation of EdgeSight.

In extreme cases, the EdgeSight agent can become sluggish and consume more resources than necessary. This can potentially lead to a negative impact on the overall performance of the device being monitored.

Additional Resources

For more information about antivirus configuration settings, see the EdgeSight Installation Guide.

CTX114906 – Required Antivirus Software Configuration for the EdgeSight Server


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