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This article describes how to download and upload reports in EdgeSight 5.2 or later.


This article describes how to download and upload reports in EdgeSight 5.2 or later.


The following are the requirements:

  • Access to the EdgeSight Web console.

  • Download of an RDL (report definition) of an existing report using either EdgeSight Web console or the Reporting Services Web site.

  • Upload of a RDL must be done through the EdgeSight Web console.

Note: Screen shots shown in this procedure were taken from EdgeSight 5.3 environment and SQL 2008 Reporting Services.
Complete the following procedures:??

Download reports using the EdgeSight 5.3 Web console.

  1. Locate the report using the Browse tab.

  2. Select the Download link of the report.

    User-added image

  3. Save the file (for example: Alerts report is “alerts.rdl”).

    User-added image

Download reports using Reporting Services Web site.

This is an alternate way to download a report without using the EdgeSight Web console.

Navigate to http://reportingServicesServer/reports

  1. Navigate through Citrix > EdgeSight > UID > CPS|Default > toBeEditedReport

  2. Select the Properties tab.

  3. Click the edit link to save the RDL file.??

    User-added image

Upload Reports

Alerts.RDL was altered and renamed to Alerts.
  1. Navigate to http://edgeSightServer/edgesight (login as necessary).

  2. Select the Configure tab.

  3. Select Custom Reports from the left column.

  4. Click?? Upload A Report.

    User-added image

  5. Enter information as required.
User-added image
  1. The new customer report is ready for use.

    User-added image

  2. Select the Browse tab to find the report.

    User-added image


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