Citrix Profile Management does not support logoff synchronisation of files created as symbolic links during an ICA session.

Symptoms or Error

During an ICA session, an application may create folders/files. That application may then also create symbolic links files that link back to the "actual" files.
UPM logging does not log the creation of such files, so it's easy to believe that they were completely missed by UPM.
Importantly, UPM will also not synchronize symbolic link files during logoff. A Process Monitor log taken during the session will show the activity when the symbolic link files are created:
  • Look for "SetLinkInformationFile" in the Operation column.
  • The Path column will show the source file.
  • The Detail column will show the location of the symbolic link file (that failed to get synchronised by UPM at logoff).


Files created during a session as "hard link" symbolic link files can be copied (during the session) to the user's UPM Store profile by utilizing the "Folders to mirror" UPM policy.
Configure the policy for the folder(s) containing symbolic link files.
The files will be copied to the UPM Store profile, during the session when they are created. The files will then be restored at the next logon.

Problem Cause

The files that are not getting synchronosed on UPM logoff were created during the session as "hard link" symbolic link files.
(most probably??created by an application using the Microsoft "MKLINK" command)
The UPM filter, when evaluating files for processing, identifies the "hard link" files as reparse points.
Because reparse points are used for other purposes ("folder redirection" and "Active Writeback"), the UPM filter removes any files created as symbolic links from the UPM file/folder processing queue.
This is by design.


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