WinFrame 1.8
WinFrame 1.8

WinFrame 1.x has the capability to synchronize a WinFrame users password to his NetWare password. This document discusses some error messages that may be produced when using this feature.

Message One

"The system could not log you on. Make sure your username and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case. Make sure that Caps Lock is not accidentally on."

This message really does not have anything to do with the password synchronization feature. It occurs because the username, domain or password was entered incorrectly in the WINLOGON dialog box.

Message Two
"The default domain administrator is not configured correctly. Notify your system administrator. Now attempting to logon user ??? on domain ???."

You can bypass the error message and continue to login to the system.

This message occurs because the administrator accounts password or ID is incorrect in NetWare Logon Configuration. To change the administrators ID or password:

1. In the Administrative Tools group, double-click on User Manager for Domains.
2. Double-click on any user.
3. Click on the Config button at the bottom of the next screen.
4. Click on the NetWare button.
5. Enter the new password in the NetWare Authentication Server field and press Enter.

It is important to note that the password fields are case sensitive and must match the actual administrator accounts password (which is also case sensitive). For example, if the administrator account "Administrator" has a password of "AbCdEfG", "AbCdEfG" must be entered in the NetWare Logon Configuration password fields. If case sensitivity is not maintained, the error message will be displayed when the user logs in.

Some other messages that may possibly appear:

Message Three
"NetWare password is invalid on server ???. Now attempting to logon user ??? on domain ???."

This is seen when the password has changed on the NetWare server. If the password is valid on this domain, the user will be logged onto WinFrame and will then be prompted for his/her NetWare password.

Message Four
"Logon failed. The NetWare password is valid; however, an error occurred when attempting to update the password for user ??? on domain ???"

followed by:

Message Five
"The system cannot log you on (6). Please try again or consult your system administrator."

These messages occur when the NetWare password is out of sync with the WinFrame password and the user has attempted to login with the NetWare password. This usually indicates that the account specified in NetWare Logon Configuration is not an administrative account. This error may also be generated when the "Minimum Password Length" on WinFrame is set to require more characters than the length of the current NetWare password. It is also possible that the Netware password is greater than 14 characters, the maximum allowed by WinFrame.

"Invalid NetWare user on server ???. Now attempting to logon user ??? on domain ???."

This message occurs because the user does not exist in the specified NetWare servers bindery. It is important to note that WinFrames password synchronization only works with bindery users. NetWare 4.x NDS users that do not exist within the specified NetWare servers bindery context will receive this message. To remedy this message it is necessary to either add the user to the specified NetWare servers bindery or specify a different NetWare server in User Manager for Domains.