MetaFrame 1.8
MetaFrame 1.8

Treasury Manager 5.0 sr1 is Selkirk Financial Technologies' most recent Treasury Workstation Solution. Treasury Manager allows treasuries to cut costs, minimize exposures, plan for future financial well-being, and understand risks. Its suite of 11applications manages cash forecasting, banking, electronic payments, and accounting as well as the trading and risk management activities of investment, debt, foreign exchange, and derivative portfolios. Several of Selkirk's Fortune 2000 clients are choosing to use Treasury Manager in Citrix's MetaFrame environment that includes support for heterogeneous computing environments, enterprise-scale management, and seamless desktop integration.
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Hardware Requirements

    • Server capable of running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or Advanced Server 2000, Terminal Server Edition.

Software Requirements

    • Microsoft ADO 2.5

    • Oracle Client software 8.0.6/8.1.6 (if Oracle DB is used)

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0

    • Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows 2000

    • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or Advanced Server 2000 Terminal Server Edition

    • Selkirk's Treasury Manager 5.0 sr1

Installing and Configuring Treasury Manager 5.0 sr1

IMPORTANT: If Oracle is the database platform, make sure the Oracle client software is installed prior to installing Treasury Manager 5.0 sr1.

Installation on Microsoft Windows Advanced Server 2000 with Terminal Services Enabled

1. Log on as an administrator and insert the Treasury Manager 5.0 sr1 CD-ROM into the CD drive.

2. From Windows Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs. Choose Add New from CD or Floppy. Click Next.

3. Browse to the D:Tman directory on the CD-ROM (where D is the CD-ROM drive letter) and select the Setup.exe file. Click Open and then Next.

4. At the Treasury Manager 5.0 sr1 Welcome dialog box, select Next.

5. Browse to the desired installation location; that is, M:Tman50. Click Next.

6. Confirm Name and Company. Enter registration key provided by Selkirk Financial Technologies Inc. Click OK.

7. When asked to Confirm displayed information, click Yes.

8. Select the desired database platform. Click Add Server/Instance name and then click Next.

9. Select Standard and then click Next.

10. Click Next and then Finish.

11. DO NOT restart the machine. Click Cancel.

12. From the After Installation dialog box, click Next.

13. From the Finish Admin Install dialog box, select Finish.

14. Close Add/Remove Programs.

15. Reboot the server.

Verification of Installation

Log on to Treasury Manager with a valid Userid and Password. Click Start > Programs > Treasury Manager 5.0 > and Treasury Manager 5.0.

Configuration of Application

No special configuration is required. Publish the application as normal.